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  •  Proof positive (none)
    Despite what one certain user on this blog likes to state, I think my family and their friends are prime examples that disprove the "Black Christians hate gays" crap that so many people like to spew.  Everyone in that neighborhood is treated equally by each other and I think that's a testament to how far the neighborhood has grown.  Used to be that any white person driving through was met with deep suspicion.  Having the area go from a place of pride to the ghetto in 20 years was enough to change the most entrenched attitudes.  Even though my (straight) husband is (annoyingly) known as "Ms. Williams' white grandson-in-law from California", my (gay) cousin's husband is known as "Ms. Williams' white grandson-in-law from Atlanta".  Now, if we can just get them to learn the names.
    •  disapproval of gays (none)
      is pretty much the same as a percentage of the population from one ethnic group to the next.  I think the last one I saw was marriage equality, and it was 80% against in every population sampled.

      One thing that is going on - there's a deliberate effort by white republican consultants to get blacks and latino/as to vote republican by saying republicans are the party of God and the gay issue and the abortion issue are part of that.  

      But black churches are getting a bad rap.  I don't know why.  I suspect part of it is that some of the gay advocacy groups, due to their own lack of outreach, don't have alot of people of color involved, and the only news they hear is bad news (ie, some black pastor making the news by denouncing gays).

      Support the troops (for real)! write to any soldier

      by sberel on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 05:13:33 PM PST

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      •  my guess at the focus on black churches: (none)
        I'm willing to guess from a point of no information that black evangelical churches are no more homophobic, and possibly rather less, than white evangelical churches.

        The difference is that black Christians and gays are supposed to be political coalition partners, whereas white Christians and gays are not.  So anything the Black Church says gets seen through that different lens.  

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