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  •  not all (none)
    homophobes aren't all closet gays.  sheesh.

    no, only about 80%:

    each participant was exposed to sexually explicit erotic stimuli consisting of heterosexual, male homosexual and lesbian videotapes (but not necessarily in that order). their degree of sexual arousal was measured by penile plethysmography, which precisely measures and records male tumescence.

    men in both groups were aroused by about the same degree by the video depicting heterosexual sexual behavior and by the video showing two women engaged in sexual behavior. the only significant difference in degree of arousal between the two groups occurred when they viewed the video depicting male homosexual sex: "the homophobic men showed a significant increase in penile circumference to the male homosexual video, but the control [non-homophobic] men did not."

    broken down further, the measurements showed that while 66% of the non-homophobic group showed no significant tumescence while watching the male homosexual video, only 20% of the homophobic men showed little or no evidence of arousal.

     similarly, while 24% of the non-homophobic men showed definite tumescence while watching the homosexual video, 54% of the homophobic men did.

    [ed. note:  emphasis, and tumescence, ours]

    is homophobia associated with homosexual arousal? by henry e. adams, ph.d., lester w. wright, jr., ph.d. and bethany a. lohr, in journal of abnormal psychology, vol. 105, no. 3, pp 440-445.

    skippy the bush kangaroo, now with 30% more snark!

    by skippy on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 06:53:50 PM PST

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    •  That only proves they had a response (none)
      I've heard about that study before, and it's flawed in my opinion.  It does not reconcile the cause of the "arousal".  One would expect a more significant response from a homophobic man over a non-homophobic man when forced to watch that which he is afraid of.

      The control is inadequate.  You have heterosexual men who did not become aroused as your control, yet they were never subjected to content for which they were equally shocked/angered/appalled/whatever it is.

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