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  •  There's a reason for his statement (none)
    Unlike being black in the US in the 1950s, a gay person can go through their entire day and not have anyone aware of the fact that he or she is gay.  The discrimination only really becomes visible to an outside observer at two times: when they see someone who knows the person is gay being an asshole, or when the gay person has made their sexuality known and the assholes are in a position to know the person is gay and react accordingly.

    So if you don't personally know many gay folks who are being discriminated against--or if the person is keeping it to him/herself to deal with it privately--or you don't happen to go many places where you know out gays are, you won't be aware of discrimination as a witness.

    You could see the people having to go to the back of the bus, having to use their own washrooms and drinking fountains, and cops taking fire hoses to peaceful marchers.  Overt racism was in your face and on the news every night.  You couldn't delude yourself, or make the mistake, that it didn't exist.

    That's what makes discrimination against gays harder to fight.  For every Matthew Sheppard or newsworthy gay bashing there are thousands of cases of discrimination and bigotry not big enough to make the news so it's easy for someone to not realize the extant just because it's not something they are forced to think about.

    I'm a straight male.  I'm not sure how I arrived at the mental state I have, because there was nothing in my background where visible minority friends of mine were discriminated against, or gay aquaintences or whatever, but I take all sorts of bigotry and discrimination personally even when I'm far from the offended group.  It's trivial for me to see how, if I didn't make the effort to learn about the problems I might not realize there are problems just because they aren't something I'd run into on a regular basis.  When I do run into them it's because I've gone out of the way to make them my problems.

    That's not something you can expect from everybody.

    •  I understand and agree... (none)
      And I appreciate your understanding and careful explanation...I wish even 1/2 of the people in the US had your understanding.  
      And I felt bad after I posted this because I did not mean for it to "call out" AnthonyLA in particular...I was really just using that as an illustration or example of the lack of understanding and ignorance that we have even on such a Democratic and left-leaning site as DailyKos.  
      I don't expect everyone to be knowledgeable of what gay people go through...even lots of gay people will deny discrimination...because they don't want to be "victims"...but I do hope that people will be open to learning about the experiences of a minority that it is still okay to hate and discriminate against.
      Thank you for your comment and the generosity in your heart.
      •  mavefallon is a troll.... (none)
        Not to mention a stalker, and most importantly, a chickenshit loser who hides behind an ID because he or she doesn't have the guts (or brains?) to debate me (or anyone for that matter) openly.

        Ahh....that felt good.  For entertainment, check out the ID and ratings on some of my posts by this non-entity.

        •  POOF (none)
          little wave of my fairy-wand, and look, IT'S GONE!

          Despite my occassional (well, sometimes frequent) frustrations, GOD I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY....THIS 'PLACE'.  

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