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View Diary: New Wingnut Meme: Sedition Law Needed (198 comments)

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  •  My local wingnut clearchannel station (4.00)
    started on this "Al Qaeda" Gore rant immediately following Gore's talk in Saudi Arabia also.

    They must be afraid that he is going to run. It was obviously a coordinated campaign to smear him as a traitor based on those remarks he made.

    •  absolutety (none)
      They must be afraid that he is going to run

      They had nary a response to his indictment of the Bush administration in his recent speech.

      This was/is both a tit-for-tat and a preemptive strike on a possible candidacy.

      Gore has been gaining steady steam against Hillary in many state polls since that speech. There is no question in my mind that they don't want to see him run, because next time he'll stick it to them real good.

      •  Bush is a traitor. (4.00)
        Can you think of one other person in the world who has done more to destroy the American way of life?

        Ending Retirement.
        Takes from the poor, gives to Big Oil.
        Destroys our military.
        Destroys future President's soft power and military power by failing to win in Iraq.

        Why can't we fight fire with fire?  I'll tell you, these clowns started this when it became clear Bush was breaking the law with his eavesdroppping on American citizens.  For that he should be impeached.

        The way to pre-empt that fight is to start calling leaders on the other side "traitor".  We need to fight back with the same language and make clear who is betraying America.  Bush's ties to the Saudis and bin Laden's could not be clearer or stronger.  He could well be intentionally weakening our country to enable a Saudi ogligarchy.

        You're doing a great job to investigate this, but it's also well-past time we started going on the attack with these clowns rather than always playing defense and engaging in "clarification" exercises.

        •  I don't disagree (none)
          that lacing it in the other direction should be done.

          But is it critical to rebut the specific claims made before they stick in people's minds. We know just how effective negative memes can be, right?

          One way to go about here is to organize an LTE/article submission campaign to all news outlets and markets that their negative attacks have been disbursed to.

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