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View Diary: New Wingnut Meme: Sedition Law Needed (198 comments)

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  •  My response to citing of (3.00)
    The Dec of Ind (often cited by those that want the Christian god enshrined in our government) is that it is NOT the law of the land. While it is an importnat document from the founding of our nation (and great to read), it has no legal bearing.

    And while your reference is great, I suggest that in the court of law it would have no weight.


    •  When I'm in the dock for sedition (4.00)
      ... I'm going to have my lawyer cite the Declaration, "legal bearing" or not.

      In a sedition case in particular, the Declaration should be very relevant. If sedition is advocating rebellion against the authority of the state, then the court must ask: In America, what is "the authority of the state"?

      There's no clearer statement in all our law or traditions than this:

      ... Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed.

      Quite simply, it is not seditious to demand that government remain accountable to the governed. As our greatest moral civic document explains, such a demand does not undermine the authority of the state, it reinforces it. Only those who misconceive the source of that authority could maintain otherwise.

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