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View Diary: New Wingnut Meme: Sedition Law Needed (198 comments)

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  •  This does not (none)
    surprise me.  I'm sure the deeper the opposition cuts to the core, the more desperate their attempts will be to stop it.  And the opposition comments are getting more blatant, more on-target truthful.  Can't remember who he was, but a Dem Congressman came out of a House vote on tax legislation for a radio interview saying he wanted to throw up and flatly called the Repubs fascists.  Hard to characterize the current Administration using politicly polite terms and still be truthful.  

    No doubt the right finds this all very disturbing.  Since they generally do find it difficult to hold their own when it comes to complex discussions on issues, the easy way to handle it is label our arguments as "seditious"--an easy term for them, as we are questioning the right for this Administration to remain in power.  Doesn't matter that we're pointing to subversion of the Constitution and our laws as the basis for our opposition to this Administration--they can't fathom that.  They don't understand the difference between attempting to expose the basis for this Administration to continue in power and actions attempting to undermine and overturn our system of government.  We see the current Administration as attempting to undermine our established institutions and system of government.  

    Of course we're attempting to incite people to wake up and take action before it's too late.  We don't want to change our government into something else, we want to return it to what it was before it began being ravished by the current Administration.  Is impeachment or criminal actions against an administration in order to remove it from power seditious?  I believe these procedures are part of our democratic process.  I won't be surprised if their claims of sedition don't gain support.  They were not able to hold the high ground by labeling the opposition as unpatriotic, so now they'll try sedition.  We'll see how that plays out.  These are frightening times, and I'm not taking it lightly.  The outcome depends on how the Dems react.  If they keep up a strong united fight and don't back down, then they'll have to arrest half the country for sedition.  If the Dems back down, then they'll only give credence to the charge and place in jeopardy those who continue to speak out in truthful terms.  (Wish I had more faith in the backbone of our Dem leaders.)

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