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  •  What do you think Europe would have been like (none)
    had the war in Europe dragged on longer? If the Germans had won, do you think they would have agreed to a peace in which the members of the Triple Entente didn't sacrifice anything major?

    Do you think the Americans could really have stayed out of the war after March 1917 when the Germans declared unrestricted sub warfare on neutral shipping?

    And finally: do you think Germany would ever really have convinced Mexico to try to get the American Southwest back, or was the Zimmerman note ridiculous propaganda?


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    by TomDuncombe on Tue Feb 21, 2006 at 10:50:17 AM PST

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    •  insert subject here (none)
      If the US had not been shipping arms to Britain and France, the war would probably have been over by late 1916. Certainly there would not have been unrestricted submarine warfare. Perhaps the Germans would have annexed the mining areas west of Metz, the Austrians would have annexes Serbia, and the Bulgarians Macedonia. Poland, Lithuania, and at least western Latvia would have become semi-independent German satellites (and buffer states between Germany and Russia). Perhaps not. If the US offers to act as an 'honest broker' it could probably influence the result, perhaps keeping the prewar borders in Lorraine or getting both halves semi-independence like the south German states. I'm not sure what the colonial deal would have been - probably Walvis Bay, Zanzibar, Boer independence, and Morrocan independence. Germany would not be able to push Britain into surrendering its fleet or leaving it at parity with the German. They would have sought limits on French and Belgian fortifications and French army sizes.

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