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  •  that said (4.00)
    You're absolutely right about the infighting--I'd be glad if it could stop yesterday.

    And you're absolutely right about focusing on action rather than screaming.

    I just don't think always sounding nice is useful. It's something that's been tried many many times to little good effect.

    We could well say "that chickenshit chickenhawk Cheney" and many of our countrymen who don't post here--many who aren't even Democrats--would agree with us.

    Case in point:  my best friend's stepfather, who's a lifelong Republican, former Marine from Maine who used to work with the CIA. The Repubs call him up for money, and he says "Get rid of Wolfowitz, and then call me back. And while you're at it, get rid of that bastard Cheney too."

    y'know, I'm with him.
    We don't have to talk nice about the ruling faction.
    We just need to talk to our people like they are our people.

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