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  •  It depends on your audience (4.00)
    Different audiences have different susceptibilities, and it takes real cerebral horsepower to read through the intentions of different authors in front of different audiences even if you do say "fuck" a lot.  

    One of the great weaknesses of the left is that it doesn't recognize the need for flanks, for different bearers of different messages.  Unfortunately, as I detail in my diary, the Bush administration suffers from the same Leninism we do, but in their case it's getting people killed.  

    We need ruthless people.  We need them to figure out the different messages for different audiences.  ONLY ONE OF THEM IS THE NICE, CIVILIZED DEBATE.  

    Winning there is more style points than anything.  Demoralize the enemy and he'll stay home instead of voting.  Give the guy who'll never vote for you a sense that there's nothing to vote for in the other guy, either.

    •  YES!!!! (none)
      My god, where have you been all of my life!!!

      I've been waiting for someone to say this forever!

      Why doesn't the party realize it needs a united set of goals and values, but not of methods??

      On a hockey team, not everyone's a finesse player, and not everyone's a power forward, and not everyone's a goalie.

    •  Selling arguments (none)
       Correct! Good sales people know their demographic. It would be great if we could elevate everyone to being pure intellectuals and then talk sensibly, but we would be forced to admit that only the sensible that agree with us are getting it or that only the kind ones that love what we love are right-lovers. There will always be meta-arguments to further distill the juices. Many philosophers have exposed that point.
       Put your faith in documentaries and I will assure you that the documentaries will become twisted and part of the problem. The same can be said for knocking on doors and being an "true" activist. Style points, as you have said, don't count.
       One can fight for higher ideals every day of one's life, but the task at hand remains the winning of elections.


    •  Very well said... (none)
      ...the other side has been extremely effective in mounting this sort of multi-pronged campaign.  On the one hand, you have the Swift Boat Vets saying all kinds of mean, nasty things (lies, which we needn't resort to, thankfully) and the candidate on the stage engaging in civil debate.  You have O'Lielly spitting piss and vinegar while George Will goes on George Stephanopulos (sp?) sounding prim and proper.  But the key is this: the message is coherent and cohesive; only the manner of delivery changes.  

      In every stage of these Oppressions...: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injury." DoI, TJ

      by ChuckLin on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 05:26:00 PM PST

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