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  •  Sheep? No. Damn fools? Yes. (none)
    I think that because of our awareness of what's going on, we've gotten so far into our thought process, our conclusion, that the Bush administration is evil, incompetent, bad, and so forth that we'd be in serious trouble if he ever did something that the American people in general agreed with.

    For instance, in an open thread, I suggested the possibility that maybe Bush had something up his sleeve regarding his recent hyping of alternative energy.  (And if he does, it might tie into a lot of other things and explain what's been going on behind the scenes.)

    But the first poster to respond, her message consisted solely of "Huh?"  It's become impossible for us to conceive of something Bush might actually accomplish that the average person would applaud... and that's dangerous.  It means that we can be completely blindsided.  Politically blindsided and practically blindsided (in the sense that we might not find the 'catch' soon enough because we're so busy trying to fix the big "does not compute" error in our brains.)

    The average response when I talk to people about the possibility in person is, "energy and the environment are OUR issues, there's no way he'd do anything about it."  But suppose he did, for that very reason... for political advantage in a midterm election where his administration has hit rock bottom, and also because if there is any change in our energy situation, his corporate friends would want to be in on the ground floor.

    Not to mention, the quoted Democratic response in the article, and to Bush's energy "proposals," have been fairly pathetic - especially considering he's just co-opting our own material for it.  We should be on top of this, but we're not.  Because we've fallen into this trap of believing in our moral superiority and their incompetence a bit too much.

    We've created our own mental trap, that could easily do us in.  We're so blind to the possibilities that we could be completely co-opted on message and policy, again and again.

    -9.25; -8.56 "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." - Voltaire

    by JAS1001 on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 08:14:01 PM PST

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