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  •  Cat, the finger points to the chest, (none)
    not to some anonymous Other. It's just economics. We choose to do whatever we do because we make rational economic judgements. That's what we are all conditioned to do now. We don't do what we do out of moral judgements. That got abandoned with the Middle Ages. I think we call it the Enlightenment.

    That's the beauty of the market economy. We have only ourselves to blame, not some Marxist planner somewhere. You know, I prefer it that way. I kind of like personal responsibility.

    You see, what's going on now is sort of an Unsustainability Plateau, where we expend more and more resources trying to prevent the inevitable. This way, when the inevitable happens, it's going to be a really huge mess. We won't have to worry about making moral judgements about what to do to sustain the future of the planet. We'll either be dead or forced to live in a manner that uses far fewer resources than we are used to using. No problemo.

    I love the "who will pay for it?" We'll pay for it, and our descendants will pay for it, one way or the other.

    This is a great time to be old. You poor young folks are totally screwed. Sorry 'bout that.

    Corruption is what keeps us safe and warm. Corruption is why we win. -Syriana

    by CarbonFiberBoy on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 06:30:24 PM PST

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    •  Not buying the "personal responsibility" (none)
      meme. It is simply not rational for a person to deprive themselves of the benefits of his energy-sucking lifestyle unless everyone else does so at the same time. Energy independence is what's known as a public good in Econ 101-speak. It makes no sense to blame individuals for failing to choose to consume less energy when the costs of that choice are born entirely by the individual and the benefits of that choice are shared with everyone.

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