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  •  The problem is PRIVATE control (4.00)
    I was just about to post that I think that it's pretty obnoxious for us folks to complain about the Bush administration hiring an A-rab company to protect our ports. Last I heard, we're the ones bombing Al Jazeera. The UAE isn't going around bombing CNN.

    Then I started thinking, "Well, what's the problem with Sweden guarding our ports?"

    I think the fundamental issue here is that, if there's any reason at all to have a government, it's to have a government defend our national borders. Even the most libertarian of libertarians would agree that we need some kind of coast guard.

    I'm really capitalistic and love free market forces and all that. I think some of the private charter school companies have done a pretty good job in my area, under the circumstances.

    But, um, hello, you don't have to be fervent Communist to believe that the state should be responsible for national defense.

    If our government has to farm out protection of Baltimore to any private company, whether that company were Halliburton or Google or some really, really nice company started by Al Gore, that's absurd. That's a sign something important is breaking down.

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