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View Diary: The United Arab Emirates Ports Deal (293 comments)

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  •  this is WAYYYY... (4.00)
    ...better than the hunting accident.

    Now we can out-security the GIANT SECURITY FREAKS!

    •  I agree (4.00)
      MORE: it's not that Dubai can't have this contract, not in my opinion.

      Generally in politics, it's more important what questions you ask than what statements you make.

      For us to insist (as much as we can) that the public think through this as a question is valuable.

      I don't support anyone saying the problem is they are Arabs... I do support questioning using foreign companies for national security, just as a matter of system design.

      •  Agree. (none)
        If you don't control it from a system perspective, and in this case that means having a US corporation subject to US law, then you are creating unacceptable risk.  

        As I've observed many times here before, Bush and this "Council" want to trash our Constitution and take our liberty through the USAPATRIOT act and illegal wiretapping instead of the doing the easy, common-sense things like port-security.  It is absurd.  

        How the American people can put up with this repeated reckless incompetence and treachery is beyond me.  Secure the ports!  Secure the nukes worldwide under Nunn-Lugar!  Then come talk to us about other steps that infringe our Constitutional rights.  Americans should only be asked to give up their liberty as a last resort, and not as a first step.

      •  wait a minute (none)
        we're not trying to prevent polynesian terrorism, are we? i mean, two of the 911 terrorists came from the UAE and they were listed in the 911 report as funders of terrorism, right? and you don't think that democrats should USE that? we need to stop being wishy washy limpwristed empty space and start taking it to them! 28 pages of saudi shenanegins redacted from the 911 report and where were the dems? afraid to take on bushco on national security, that's where! fuck that! kick em in the nuts! this may be the best chance to hurt them on national security -- and in a HUGE way! for once it will be democrats saying, "remember 911!"

        "In fact, the President has a pre-1776 view of the world." -- Russ Feingold

        by hoodoo meat bucket on Tue Feb 21, 2006 at 02:26:01 AM PST

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