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View Diary: The United Arab Emirates Ports Deal (293 comments)

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  •  Even Freeper land is fun right now... (4.00)

    "Bush has seriously undermined his credibility with this insane move. Can he be trusted to prosecute this war? Ain't sure no more."

    "Bush&Company are asleep at the wheel on this one. This is a no brainer. That is, unless you're a member of the contingent of Bush sycophant bedwetters, who believe there is nothing wrong with having 'the religion of peace' managing six of the biggest US ports of entry located around the homeland."

    "His credibility was already worthless to many of us for a long time. Face it folks, He is NOT a conservative and it appears to me to have a goal of totally removing any borders we have. I regret my four vote for him more than I have ever regreted any vote before."

    "Bush is the stupidest President to ever occupy the WH."

    Uh oh, trouble in freepland.

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