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  •  SueDe (none)
    I'm enjoying your insightful posts. I wish you'd write a diary of your own, perhaps expanding on the themes you've covered here. Maybe do a little research georgia10-style if you have the time. Your natural caution and sense of fair play are absolutely standout, stellar qualities, especially right now, and if this story has the legs I think it does we're going to need all the sober heads we can get. (In other words I get the feeling dkos could wind up rather divided over this; we'll see.) Yesterday Soj posted a very informative diary on DWP and port culture (factually you echo each other almost exactly) but you have none of Soj's accusatory tone. You have your own unique turn of mind. An open mind. I appreciate it.


    Is nothing secular?

    by aitchdee on Tue Feb 21, 2006 at 08:59:17 AM PST

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