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View Diary: 9/12/2001: Hunter S. Thompson Saw It Coming (254 comments)

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  •  What would Thompson and Vidal . . . (none)
    say about all these new creepy bin Laden tapes?
    •  That they are fake... (4.00)
      Kevin Barrett: Bin Laden tapes are as phony as Sept. 11's connection to Islam

      Perhaps due to the widespread hilarity evoked by "Fatty bin Laden," the next Osama from beyond the grave message had no images it was an audiotape delivered to al-Jazeera in fall 2002. The CIA verified it as authentic and then got a rotten egg in the face when the world's foremost voice identification experts in Switzerland reported that "the message was recorded by an impostor."

      Every bin Laden message since then has been equally phony. They are released at moments when the Bush regime needs a boost and the American media go along with the fraud. Remember the bogus bin Laden tape that made headlines right before the 2004 presidential election? If you didn't figure out that it was a CIA-produced commercial for George Bush, I have some great bridges to sell you. Walter Cronkite, bless his heart, opined that Karl Rove was behind that tape. But the rest of the media just kept pretending that the emperor was clothed.

      Much more at the link.

      Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this.

    •  They are fake and here is video proof... (none)

      Check out the video 8 from the top

      Phoney Osama   1:00 min   On 12/14/01 the government claimed they found a video of Osama Bin Laden, confessing to the 9-11 attacks. It has since been thouroughly discredited. On 01/18/06, we were told they received an audio tape by Osama, warning us of more attacks in the works. They can't produce a convincing phoney video, so they had to resort to a phoney audio tape. What's next, a phoney note on a carrier pigeon? If Osama truly wanted to threaten us, he could easily produce a top quality high res video that was undeniably him, even from the depths of his "cave".

      Question: Of what benefit would these have been to Osama?

      Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this.

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