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  •  Might related to Dubai Ports... (none)
    This is part of what I didn't want to add to the above post, as I thought it would confuse people more than the prospect that Bush might actually be trying to do something we agree with (although purely for corporate and political motives, certainly.)

    *The UAE's strategic location along southern approaches to the Strait of Hormuz makes it a vital transit point for world crude oil.

    *It is the third largest oil producer in the Middle East.

    *It has significant financial investments in the United States.

    If the UAE got wind that we might be cutting back on oil from the region, and they might lose revenue from the use of their ports, since most Middle East oil comes through the UAE... they might threaten retaliation - economic, probably.  Suppose that the very unpopular, politically and strategically ill-conceived deal to sell our ports to them was a pay-off to offset the fact that we might not be using their ports all that much any more for oil?

    There's obviously something more to the UAE deal that we're seeing.  And now Bush is pushing this energy alternative stuff like crazy.

    I know it's hard for us to conceive of Bush actually having a plan, but the scary thing is that they usually do have (secret) plans, they just don't share, communicate, execute or account for mitigating factors in their plans.  

    It's probably worse that we're not mentally prepared for the possibility of Bush doing something "good"... because if he does, we'd be totally blindsided.

    "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." - Voltaire

    by JAS1001 on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 07:44:05 PM PST

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