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  •  if it's a bad (none)
    one, do some research, hope you are in a place where there are good hospitals. A friend of mine had a very agressive p.c. and with some pretty radical new therapies, is in remission (for a year or two now). They live in AA. If you want more details, email me personally, lynn at lynnddisney dot net and I will put you in touch with the folks that have the details.

    Good luck to you and your brother

    •  That's very kind of you. (none)
      He and his docs are in touch with a specialist bunch in Framingham (or Farmingham?) in Alabama, supposedly good. His wife will pursue this very aggressively I know, and money won't be a problem. I'll email when I get more details in a couple days - new consult.
      •  ok good (none)
        I think my friend talked to a bunch of people. Might be able to save you a bit of time/energy, but let me know if you want more info.

        take care

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