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  •  Hump Day C&J from Seatt...well... (4.00)
    JEERS to Subtropical Jets.  Namely the one that has kept us here in Dallas in the 40s and cloudy for the last week.  I didn't move to Dallas for Seattle weather.  Hello...don't those people at the NWS DO anything?

    CHEERS to short weeks like this - it doesn't feel like it's already Wednesday and I have a half-day on Friday, to make it even shorter.

    JEERS to Georgius Rex continuing to want to sell our ports away - despite sudden, unexpected, and, dare I say, sensical Congressional opposition.

    CHEERS to the flood of people (that was the word they used) using Britain's new civil partnership law to become citizens.  The marriage law in Britain requires consummation (!), but the civil partnership law doesn't...just two years of YOUR time and YOU can be a British subject. (Plus if you act now, free tour of Buckingham Palace)

    JEERS to Georgius Rex and his Privy Council.  Just 'Cuz.  I'm awfully close to Crawford, but I'd love it if he was back here PERMANENTLY and one of OURS was on Penn Ave.  Even if it does mean I could catch his cooties on a SW wind.

    Happy Hump Day Everyone!

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