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  •  Kanuckistani notes. (4.00)
    Bill - If George Washington were alive today, at 274 years old, could he afford the healthcare and insurance premiums?

    Cheers to your first President and - being a passive agressive yet polite Canadian, I will forego extensive mention of his having constructed a fort without a back wall, and his reneging on Treaty of Paris restitution to my ancestors.

    Cheers to the canadian Olympic Team - catching up on (UNNAMED OTHER NORTH AMERICAN POLITY). 4 Gold and counting, only 3 or 4 behind in total medals.

    Jeers to poor Jimmy Madison. A few Kanuckistani Irregulars and some second string Brits openned up a can of whup ass on his diminuitive self. Had a real Betty for a wife though.

    Jeers to that American judge who threw out Maher Arar's suit against the USA for his rendition to Syria and his torture. The judge threw it out because... because... well, just because - so there!

    News for you Bushites:  - your ports can be run by any doofus in th eworld, and it will not make a single drop of testicular sweat difference to your safety.

    But screw over someone, seize them without cause and send them off to be tortured, then deny responsibility - well, do that enough times and the bad feelings may start to add up.

    As always, cheers to all here.

    Life is good.

    (hip deep in report cards)

    "Strange and beautiful are the stars tonight / That dance around your head"

    by deepfish on Wed Feb 22, 2006 at 06:31:01 AM PST

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