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  •  White people are *always* responsible (none)
    for "Africa"'s problems. The outrages you cite are just some of the latest. But let's be clear -- a good bit of that corruption is created by local governments. I find it patronizing that you can't give "Africans" (like they're all part of some monolithic country) the credit for their own corrupt governments. Since there are a number of governments there that are NOT corrupt, that do work.

    OK, so, are multinationals to blame for arms dealings and poverty? Solely? That would be easy to say, wouldn't it. But you will have the same answer on EVERY continent. Go looking for manipulation and corruption and exploitation, you will find it everywhere. In every country. Even Canada. It just so happens that the continent of Africa seems to have more than its fair share of concentrated woe.

    Like most people, I find that I am most concerned about the misery, exploitation and corruption close to home. And thanks to Bush, we have plenty of that.

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