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  •  Bring the Troops Home Now (none)
    Wow this is turning out really really bad.  Anyone want to send a message to Hillary Clinton that supporting this war is unnacceptable.  Check out
    •  The media may say she is my nominee, (none)
      but she will not win, I don't like her ho-humm attitude and never liked her to begin with. She reminds me of the girl in my high school that ran from table to table , to find a committee that would allow her to be the chairman, when noone liked her!  I want Clark, Feingold, in that order! I also like Warner.  I am a fairly moderate American!
      •  I, also believe Senator Kerry would have been (none)
        a great President. Our next President will have a huge problem with repairing the damage that Bushco has done to our country and our respect from foreign nations.

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