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  •  Im pretty bummed about that mosque. (4.00)
    If W had a sense of shame, he should be feeling it for causing this to happen to 1000+ yr old architecture. I understand the human toll is the most important aspect here but the Art History major in me is depressed about the pillaging and destruction of the antiquities in the region as well.

    If there's one thing I've learned, it's that life is one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead.

    by ablington on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 09:23:04 AM PST

    •  Another similarity to the Taliban (none)
      and every other faux religous ideology; reminds me of the destruction of the Buddha in the rocks in Afganistan.  I cried watching it on TV.  

      Sheeples make me cringe.

      by SnowBaby on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 09:34:43 AM PST

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      •  You're talking about the salafists who did this? (none)
        I agree
        •  Well, (4.00)
          Well, there's the general level of respect the Americans have shown all along for Iraqi culture and history.  Letting the museums being looted, damaging the ruins at Babylon by letting soldiers drive SUV's back and forth over it.

          Not saying the Americans directly did this.  Although we've been raiding and damaging plenty of other mosques, and we blew up a decent part of the holy city of Najaf.  But what I'm hearing is that Iraqis are somewhat blaming the Americans both as the initial cause of all of this mayhem, and also for failing to provide security.  Both specifically at the mosque and for the society in general.

          So from the Iraqi point of view, and given the awful American track record towards Iraqi culture and histroy, this one is just being added to the list.

          "Everyone should go back to Africa, especially black people." -- Richard Pryor

          by COBear on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 10:02:29 AM PST

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          •  Interesting points (4.00)
            I remember my son telling me that while our troops are rumbling through Baghdad BSU (blowing shit up) they don't have a clue about the history surrounding them.  All of the soldiers want to post for pictures with the Saddam swords, but few care or know about Babylon or the Ishtar gate or the incredible treasures that Iraq has given to civilization.

            Here's an eerie picture of the ruins of Babylon, with helicopters overhead:

          •  Thank you COBear :-) (none)
            for clarifying my point.  That is exactly what I meant.

            Sheeples make me cringe.

            by SnowBaby on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 10:33:29 AM PST

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        •  Can you expand on this (none)
          read somewhere that Wahhabists ought to be refered to as Salafists.  Can you explain?

          Democrats are the party of those who are working, those who have finished working, and those who want to work. -- Elizabeth Edwards

          by philgoblue on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 10:20:27 AM PST

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          •  They're both an extreme form of Sunni Islam (none)
            That advocates basically that the laws of god were fixed a thousand years ago and pretty much everyone on earth is an infidel.

            Democracy is evil because it puts the word of the people above the word of god.  Shi'ites are more evil than infidels, because they are the "nearer evil", nearer to the holy land.  Generally the difference is that Wahhabis are Saudis and Salafists are in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, etc.  I don't know if there are actual theological differences and some use the terms interchangeably.

        •  Salafists? (none)
          No.  They were Taliban and radical even at that.  It is a bit different.  Calling them Salafists is like saying that Protestants are all responsible for the irresponsible stuff coming out of Pat Robertson's mouth.  It is a VERY small minority that actually believe in doing things like this.  Most of the villagers living near the statues didn't want it done any more than people here did.

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