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  •  Democracy is Spreading! Freedom is on the March! (none)
    It's just that by democracy Georgie meant theocracy and by freedom he meant frightening lawless mobs!

    Gotta love how all of a sudden FoxNews and BushCo have stopped declaiming that meme of a Middle East flowering with newfound democratic virtue. . .

    Let's see, now we've got:

    --Iraq on the brink of civil war
    --terra-ist HAMAS DEMOCRATICALLY elected in Palestine, largely as a protest vote against Bushco
    --warlord-ocracy festering on in opium-addled Afghanistan, where drug production is dwarfing pre-Taliban levels
    --insane Shi'ite fundamentalists in power in Iran, threatening to go nuclear, again DEMOCRATICALLY elected largely as a protest vote against Bushco

    Yep, all going exactly according to plan!  Oh well, I guess "stuff happens" in the words of our Secretary of Defense.

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