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  •  Coverage (none)
    Our local newspaper had a huge spread on a returning vet rehabbing from amputation. I read the article, searching for one hint of either his or editorial comments about the Noble Cause - some bitterness, something. But it was all about his struggles to deal with the injury. I wondered how this young man felt - angry, betrayed?

    The last I heard was that they were not going to issue further statements about Woodruff, possibly because his injuries were that severe.

    •  Or possibly because (none)
      he's in a persistant vegetative state, but Frist hasn't seen the video yet.
      •  Actually (none)
        snark aside, this was my first thought when I read about the news blackout. They never talk about PVS.

        back to snark - except that the media DOES cover Bush, who is in a permanent PVS

        •  I've seen Bush on TV (none)
          and his eyes follow people in the room, and moaning sounds come out of his mouth. It sounds like "".

          Finem respice et principiis obsta—Consider the end, and thwart the beginning

          by Del C on Thu Feb 23, 2006 at 11:56:51 AM PST

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