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View Diary: Baker Key to Dubai Ports Mess (179 comments)

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  •  Oh, it's way uglier than you think... (4.00)
    The Carlyle purchase in 2003 was just to get the Jones Act segment disposed of - the one where the ships fly under our flag, and must be serviced by ILA here (as well as be American made ships).

    The Dubai Ports connection goes all the way back to 1978, and you can bet yer booty that Baker/Carlyle are involved. The whole Iraq debt/Carlyle offer to purchase for a mere $2 billion now (and 5% of the debt over 15 years) is the most outrageous conflict. Snow, however, is over his eyeballs in this - he was CSX when the division happened.

    Think about spending 25 or 30 years of your working life setting up the "deal of a lifetime" so carefully crafted it would qualify as historically brilliant... if only they hadn't blown it in the end with the best "Custer Moment" I've ever come across!

    Dems can fight this, but they've got skeletons too. The deal can still go through, or it can blow the lid off the entire BFEE once and for all. Could go either way at this point...

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