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View Diary: We Need to Cut Off Ann Coulter's Income (26 comments)

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  •  I want to take away her loudspeaker (none)
    I do agree that we should ignore Coulter--I was a bit distressed to find that my son had actually gone to hear her, as had enough people to fill an auditorium.  My point is that if she is doing this for the cold hard cash, taking that cash away from her will make it MUCH easier to ignore her.  I routinely change channels when she is on tv (and email the networks that give her space to complain--and to explain why I won't watch anything she is on) and I refuse to dignify her "commentary" by ascribing to her any legitimacy.  I am concerned, however, that university event planners see her as viable option for events because she's so provocative.  Let her be provocative on her own dime and keep student activity fees out of her pocket!

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