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View Diary: The neo-con plan for Iraq civil war (18 comments)

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  •  Chris Floyd also believes the plan (none)
    is The Deliberate Disintegration of Iraq. And back in 2003 Josh Marshall wrote Chaos in the Middle East is not the Bush hawks' nightmare scenario--it's their plan.

    And Mike Whitney agrees. In "Riding with the Bad Boys": The rise of Iraqi death squads:

    The genocidal attacks reported by the New York Times are the predictable upshot of a process that was initiated by the Pentagon to destroy the Iraqi resistance through violence alone. As yet, there has been no effort to engage in dialogue with members of the resistance. This suggests that the Bush administration still believes that the dilemma they face can be resolved without a political solution.

    There can be no political solution without direct negotiations with the Iraqi resistance. The smoke-and-mirrors phantom that the Bush administration mistakes for democracy has nothing to do with the serious formation of a legitimate Iraqi government. Voting, in itself, does not signify democracy unless there is broad acceptance among the many factions in the society. The massive demonstration of daily violence indicates a clear rejection of the legitimacy of the state. This can only be decided by eliminating the factors that prop up the puppet regime (the occupation) and engaging in a political process free from outside coercion.

    The death squads are in fact just one part of a three-pronged strategy to crush the resistance and establish Iraq as a corporate-colony of American energy giants. The other phase of the operation involves the systematic decimation of Sunni cities.
    The death squads and the intentional destruction of the Sunni heartland comprise the first two parts of the three-pronged strategy to defeat the Iraqi resistance. The final leg on the stool is the propaganda war that is being directed against the American people to conceal the details of the military's war crimes.
    The Bush administration's three-pronged strategy for Iraq precludes a political solution because it is designed as a model for future wars.

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