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  •  Correct, more than correct (none)
     not gay, but NOTHING irritates me more than these self righteous assholes who throughout our history have attempted to draw a dividing line defining who is a citizen and who is not, using this line to decide who is entitled to the full rights of a citizen and who is not.

    Not a single caser has ever been made on either scientific or sociological evidence to ever justify any of the claims of those who, throughout our history have chosen to deny one group the benefits of citizenship in America, and allow it to others.

    My sugestion is to NO LONGER fight this on "moral grounds, but economic.

    And I mean economics at the heart of economics.

    Gays, because they are denied the full benefits that heterosexuals are allowed under the law, should as a group WITHOLD INCOME TAXES from the federal government, and property and other taxes from state governments that deny them the same rights as other citizens, because at the very heart of the American Revolution was the concept of "NO TAXATION WITHOUT RPRESENTATION"...

    This had more to do with than being able to vote for representatives, but had to to with the overall representation of the rights and interests all groups. That no one group would use the fact that they represented a majority in order to oppress a minority.

    Gays in fact, because they cannot marry, cannot take deductions for partners or other dependents, infrequently pay more in traxes than heterosexuals. Gay pay singinficantly more money to pay for the education of children whose parents would deny gays the rights to even raise children.

    A significant fund should be put aside to defend those who will invariably be brough to trial for tax evasion.../

    However the best case can be made that n one shoud be force to PAY for the a government apparatus that they have NO LEGAL ACCESS to.

    You pay the salaries of those who issue marriage licenses, the judges who perform marriages, and preside over legislation that discriminates against you.

    IN America, money does not talk, it swears, as the poet said.

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      ...I'm transsexual, I'm lesbian, my daughter is lesbian...but I am still going to pay my taxes.  I'm also a teacher, maybe even "above all I am a teacher", and those taxes people pay help pay the salaries of other teachers and other good civil servants who do good for their communities for far too little pay.  Show me how this doesn't hurt the poor and the good before we initiate it, okay?


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      by rserven on Sun Feb 26, 2006 at 01:56:46 PM PST

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