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View Diary: Supreme Dereliction of Command; Or, the Beginning of the Neocons' Campaign for John McCain (168 comments)

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  •  Every single premise they had was wrong (4.00)
    And yet they wonder why the conclusion that they expected is so far from the reality. If you go into the war believing that Shinseki was tripping and we'd be greeted with flowers and that didn't happen well what do you expect.

    The reason why their neocon plans fail is because they are theoretical and lack anything in the area of experience, education or expertise.

    They snubbed the highest ranking Army general's assessment and now have the nerve to say that we weren't committed all three years to blah blah blah.  Where was Kristol two years ago, eighteen months ago? He wasn't spewing this save face, gear up for 08 nonsense then.

    Finally, every time one of them sonofabitches says something about us enjoying the failure of Iraq for political gain, I want to beat the shit out of them.  We are the motherfuckers dying over there; we are the middle class, lower class and minority looking for an opportunity, the American dream and edcuation through the military. My dad was military, I was military, my uncles on my dad side military, uncles on my mom's side military and cousins just returning from Iraq from extended duty or past retirement. The only way to make it out of BellBuckle, TN (father's hometown) was the military; they didn't even have 12th grade for Blacks. And my mother came out of Piedmont, AL.

    We are the military and we are not happy to see our brothers and sisters blinded, armless, legless or dead you sorry motherfuckers.

    Blah, blah, blah. Pretend that was something profound and that I said it.

    by niteskolar on Sun Feb 26, 2006 at 05:12:39 PM PST

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