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  •  John Kerry is a traitor to women (4.00)
    It should be remembered also that when pharmacists first started to refuse filling birth control John Kerry joined in a compromise allowing pharmacists to refuse as long as there's another pharmacist in the area that will fill the prescription.

    We have leaders who aid and abet the rightwing.  We have leaders who have continually compromised our rights away until we come to this.

    John Kerry and every other Democratic in leadership positions should have stood up and waved the women's rights flag for all to see but what do we have?  A fucking senate filled with self important blowhards that refuse to protect us from the heathens that propose and pass this kind of law.

    I'm so fucking pissed off at this party.  Besides, my new $10,000 roof is fucking leaking all over my house.  Doesn't anybody do their fucking jobs right anymore?

    Kicking 31 flavors of ass. Eugene

    by caliberal on Mon Feb 27, 2006 at 09:08:21 AM PST

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