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  •  Anyone who hasn't read (4.00)
    The Handmaid's Tale should right now beg, borrow, buy (steal if necessary) a copy and read it carefully.   If it doesn't get you moving to unfreeze your blood, you aint payin attention.

    Being liberal means one is for civil liberties, equality, social justice, fairness. ... How can someone be too liberal? Dr. P.Z. Myers

    by maybeeso in michigan on Mon Feb 27, 2006 at 10:02:46 AM PST

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    •  Indeed (4.00)
      though I imagine in some states it's probably banned or soon to be banned.
    •  Another good read: "The Amendment" (4.00)
      by Sue Robinson (1990, and hard to find out of print.  Amazon has a few...).  A real page turner about a near future in which a "Human Life Amendment" has just passed.  Oddly enough, the book starts with a celebration rally in the NOLA SuperDome lead by a Marylyn Quayle-clone First Lady.  (Could have happened!)  A celebration "raid", staged theatrically while the first lady is speaking, occurs on a small New Orleans clinic - resulting in the death of a young woman who happend to be there.    The ensuing revenge plot enacted up by the "liberal New England" mother's friends and the nurse who witnessed the crime is incredible.

      Perhaps time has enhanced it in my mind, but I recall the finale of the book to be as exciting as any I've read - right up there with "The Davinci Code".  I've often thought it would make an incredible movie (I even cast it; Faye Dunaway as First Lady, Gina Davis as the nurse, Glenn Close as the patrician mother who goes "Rambo" on the first lady's ass...)  It's a shame that political forces probably kept a movie that might have made "Thelma & Louise" look tame off the screen...

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