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  •  i have some {{shudder}} Jesus freak friends (none)
    from back home, and have talked to them about this.  they are very involved politically against abortion, and on the right in general.  

    they are nonplussed over why left-ish ppl like me are worried about their condoms and birth control pills.  they care about abortion, but themselves use birth control to prevent unwanted conception, and their church supports that.  they oppose morning after pills, but other than that, they say go for it, you know, with your husband or wife at least.  it is catholics who oppose all contraception from a doctrinal standpoint.  most lay (snicker, "lay")catholics use contraceptives, however.

    this just happens to be one are where I have been able to have a conversation with a winger over our differences.  there are still differences between me and them over abortion and sexual freedom.  speaking of, yes, they do want to see a cultural rollback of the sexual revolution, but not a legal one in terms of restrictions on private sexual behavior.  

    while I disagree with them on those points, i found it interesting that as for one of the areas I thought they wanted to control, namely preventative contraceptives, i was wrong, at least in regard to my southern baptist friends from back home.  

    We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good - Hillary ('08!)

    by shaz on Mon Feb 27, 2006 at 12:40:31 PM PST

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