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  •  How on earth (4.00)
    would you legislate restricted access to abortion without screwing over some very vulnerable people?  Really, I would like to know, because I can't figure out how to have it happen.  Parental notification laws?  Well, what about the girls who are being raped by their fathers, uncles, brothers?  Are they supposed to go to court to get a special dispensation?  That won't work at all- can you imagine a scared, abused 14 year old managing that?  Only rape, incest, or life and health of mother?  Again, you'd have to send them to court or have some huge loopholes.  Our laws are supposed to protect the weak and vulnerable, not make things impossible for them.  If you can't think of a way to make that 14 year old able to get an abortion without notifying her abusive father or purposefully blind mother, then the law is no good in my book.

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