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  •  Perhaps the time is indeed ripe (none)
    for a Sexual Boycott. As long asthere are those  who believe it is their "Right and Sacred Duty" to tell women how and when they can be sexual beings, then let them go blue balled.

    The politics of Lysistrata encompass the very same arguements that hav ebeen here presented. If we women, truly want control of our bodies as so many claim, then perhaps saying no is the Way to gain that control.  As long as men believe they must control the key toour chastity, be it it then guise of legislation or fear inspired religious doctorines, then I say...

    You want Pussy? Then stop Legislating my Rights away. Stop telling me who I can f*ck, when I can f*ck and how. If there are those who would rule me, then they better make damn sure their sons are raised to KEPP IT IN THEIR PANTS. and therein lies the problem. Men are encouraged to seduce and leave.ten deny the child. Men who run from a pregnancy will say they were entrapped. butdid htey use cndoms? NOOOOOOOOOO...

    "baby, it cuts down on the sensation...."

    and contemporary music just makes it even debased, by inculcating an entire generation of  young men to think of women as golddiggers whores and bitches. blowup dolls that must be fed, and young women are buying into it as well.

    "My case is alter'd, I must work for my living." Moll Cut-Purse, The Roaring Girl - 1612, England's First Actress

    by theRoaringGirl on Mon Feb 27, 2006 at 03:10:05 PM PST

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