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  •  What can we do? (none)
    Join a larger effort.

    Fight to defend our rights.

    The Abortion Access Project

    NARAL: National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League"

    ACLU: American Civil Liberties Organization

    Fight to get women into decision-making positions.  As long as men control 100% of the White House, 88% of the Supreme Court and 85% of the Congress, we're going to get the shaft.
    If women were represented in the highest levels of government in proportion to their numbers in the general population (we ARE the majority), we'd be running this country, and there would be no debate on this issue.  

    Emily's List.  

    NOW: National Organization for Women

    And, now, for a fantasy.  Imagine if it was necessary to obtain permission from the spouse when a fetus was aborted, and this applied to the "father" and "mother" of the fetus.  Then, when a married man gets "the other woman" pregnant, he has to get HIS WIFE's permission for the abortion.  hahahahah.   I don't want to further complicate a woman's access to abortion, but I can amuse myself with "what if the MAN had to get permission?" daydreams.  The answer is, the man WON'T have to get permission, until it is WOMEN who are making the laws.  

    •  It's really not a men vs women thing. (4.00)
      The answer is, the man WON'T have to get permission, until it is WOMEN who are making the laws.

      As a woman, I would strongly oppose passing a law like this, even if tomorrow there was a revolution and women were suddenly in charge of everything, because this removes a woman's freedom to get an abortion by making her consult with a third party whose body it is not. If it existed it would be a vindictive law intended to penalize women who have sex with married men, because if the man can't get the abortion permission from his wife, it's not his body that will be affected.

      Men will need to get permission for abortions when MEN CARRY PREGNANCIES. Because you do not need to get permission for someone else to do something that has nothing to do with you. No one has the right to say anything about an abortion except the woman who's having one, and that includes every other woman -- I have no more right to dictate your abortion rights to you than a man does, and in fact if the man is your doctor or the father of your child I'd hope you'd at least listen to what he has to say, whereas whatever I have to say on the subject of your abortion is totally irrelevant.

      I keep hearing people talk about abortions as if all men want to control women's access and all women want freedom. It's baloney. There are a lot of women actively working to remove our access to abortion (they, of course, would never need one of their own, because only stupid or bad girls ever get involved with a man who can't support them, or get raped, and their own daughters are good little girls who never even think about having sex), and there are a lot of men fighting for our freedom (which when you think about it is male freedom too... men are already bitching that women can choose not to have an abortion and thus stick them with 18 years of child support against their will, how many of those guys would support removing the option of abortion at all? How many men really want to support a child for the rest of their lives when neither they nor the mother wants the kid?)

      Men are not the enemy and women are not automatically comrades in arms. Abortion is not a decision for women. It is a decision for people who are pregnant. All pregnant people are women, but not all women are pregnant, and no woman has the right to dictate any other woman's abortion rights, because women are perfectly capable of seeking to exploit and control other women's sexuality and reproductive abilities for their own interests. No one can decide about your abortion except you, period, and that includes all the other women out there.

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