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  •  Not for an insurer (none)
    for them, it's MUCH cheaper to avoid pregnancy. MUCH cheaper.

    Hell, they'd love it if you never got pregnant. It's expensive.

    Expensive for hospitals too, and they get all the uninsured types, who have complications and low-birth weight babies. They eat a lot on those, I'm sure.

    Then there's the cost to the states - medicaid, schools, jails, probation, police, you name it.

    The pressure will come. It hasn't yet, because this hasn't passed.

    I'm betting they'll get to the governor, and he'll refuse to sign, or he'll veto it. Reluctantly, of course.

    •  I Agree (none)
      but for the drug business, and the privatised prisons who have a vested interest in criminalising everything, it is a goldmine.

      Now, the question becomes whose clout is biggest?

      The Number of the Beast 72-25

      by Deep Dark on Tue Feb 28, 2006 at 03:59:06 AM PST

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