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View Diary: Updated: Diebold Whistleblower charged with 3 Felonies (410 comments)

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  •  truthiness (4.00)

    Please explain how this is a travesty.

    DH is the biggest asshole on this site by far but he is right most of the time. I have tried to take DH to task about his attitude in the past to no avail but there was ZERO attitude in that diary from him.

    One of the problems associated with DH is that many people reflexively take the opposing view of his and that really hurts us when issues like Bev Harris come around.

    So in your bevbot world you should be THANKING DH instead of spreading your truthiness.

    On second thought that is probably exactly what you are doing.

    "Look everyone DH hates Bev, how bad could she be?"

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