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  •  "Extremism" Spew vs. Facts (none)
    So, they'll keep saying it, and using "extreme" as an epithet, but if we do our job that will be pretty empty.

    Anyone can come here and read us and see how extreme we are.

    Sure, there will be a few comments that are over the top, but we should be judged on the recommended diaries and the comments that get lots of 4 ratings.

    So, let the sensible prevail!

    •  yeah i cant tell if we are being smeared (none)
      or these "CW" journalist and pundit types are lazy and stupid (maybe its all three) - this extreme/ bush-hater/hate america first/swampfever meme pisses me off almost as much as hearing Brooksie bloviate....

      • am I extreme if i dont hate fags and our sapphic sisters?
      • am I extreme if I dont think we should be wasting our blood and treasure (and that of the Iraqis) on some useless neo-cons' wet dream?
      • am I extreme that I believe in protecting personal freedoms (freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, control over end of life and beginning of life issues, freedom to worship how I feels is appropriate)
      • am I extreme if I think that the Bible isnt literally the actual word of God? uh the earth is older than 6000 yrs old....
      • am I extreme if I believe in responsible and accountable govt? (maybe naive, since I dont live inside the beltway)
      • am I extreme if I think the environment (clean air/water, healthy ecological systems, renewable  or cleaner energy) should be protected as a public good for current and future generations?
      • am I extreme if I think there is too much violence on television and other media and that we have a very unhealthy mythology surrounding war?

      man i could keep going and compile this into a diary. There are people on dKos of many persuasions - some may have "extreme" leftist viewpoints and express them time to time but overall kossians are pretty grounded and not extreme in the least - excepting our sheer dismay on how poorly our federal executive branch protects our nation and people

      ok now i will be extreme:
      how bout a big "fuck you finger" from the fever swamps to the CW pundits? Do some fucking research before regurgitating someone else inaccuracies

      "Sometimes it's like his record skips or like some coke-dusted and liquor-glazed synapse is unable to fire and he's just stuck" RudePundit

      by christhughes on Mon Feb 27, 2006 at 02:39:13 PM PST

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