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  •  Insincerity (4.00)
    This is IMO one of the reasons we lose. We are so incredibly quick to criticize our own. Hillary is not my first choice for our candidate. It isn't because I believe her insincere though or that I've seen insincerity on her part. It's because I believe she is a "Washington insider" that knows how to get corporate interests attention. She is able to capture cash from corporate interests that think they can influence her with said cash. That said, she didn't vote for the bankruptcy bill(called it the abomination it was), she hesitantly supported voting no on cloture, and has stood on our side on many issues. I'm not quite ready to paint her with the same brush as GOP(the folks I believe truly believe our government away piece by piece for cash). I do want a leader this next time around though that isn't collecting big dollars from big business. It's time we get our government back and let it start legislating things like enviornmental control instead of personal decisions like marriage, family planning, and when a person has a right to die with dignity.
    •  Why do we lose? (none)
      We lose because our votes have been allowed to be stolen. That's why we lose. Not becuase of our agenda. I hate it when people pretend that our agenda is not by far the agenda of the majority of the population, because, in reality, it is. Just take a glance at polls. We've been in the majority since before the 2,000 election. We - and the democratic process of the United States - are being systematically robbed. To say otherwise is just one more way of trying to brainwash the populace into to being discouraged and allowing the theft to continue without a full blown battle.

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