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  •  i can see it (none)
    just by the font you use.

    you're very insincere.

    blah blah.

    her body language looks very sincere to me.

    she's said things i want to hear.

    she's said things i don't want to hear.

    but she appears sincere to me.

    do you think everyone you disagree with is being insincere??

    is bush being insincere??

    •  "Disagree with" (none)
      is a wishy-washy term. Sounds like the language of the cons defending Coulter. So is "just his/her opinion." Fonts are not of my choosing. So much for responding to distraction.

      But here's some substance.  The.  Flag.  Burning.  Amendment.  Gonna take a long, long time, to win my respect from the Democrat who proposed that.

      Insincere? Yes. Even more cynical. And here's another label for you: pandering.

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