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    The Dems do need a circular firing squad!  The "centrists" are killing us.  It seems all our talking points get squashed by the Leibermans of the party.  I just read Cheney's approval rating is 18%.  And King George's is 34!

    Yet few are predicting the Dems will sweep Congress in November.  Why is that?  Why aren't these polls predicting overwhelming Dem majorities?  It's because the country sees no difference between the Dems and Reps.  To them, a Dem is a Rep with no power and no money.  

    We need to overhaul the party, throw the bums out.  CT and TX must be just the start.  HRC is a liability at this point.  She won't rally the anti-war liberals.  They'll see her as more of the same.  What she will do is drive a lot of rednecks to the polls, and we'll lose in 08.

    I saw a poll published in my local paper that said nationwide 51% said they would never vote for HRC.  End of discussion!

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