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  •  Dallas (4.00)
    The Weather Channel's been running one of their idiotic "weather disasters" features lately, in this case "What if a Cat 5 tornado struck Dallas?" Which makes me reply, "You say that as if it was a bad thing."
    •  I'm a california boy (none)
      but I rather enjoyed Dallas. I was there for two weeks.

      Texas is a different world to be sure, but dallas is a regular metropolitan area with a twang. (i never thought I'd think of "twang" as endering or pleasant, but here we are.)

      Now if a cat 5 hurricane swept through crawford, well, i'd say... Poetic Justice! there is a God, and God is Just, with a liberal lean!

      I'm always wary of those who know what to say but not what to do.

      by NeoconSemanticist on Tue Feb 28, 2006 at 10:55:04 AM PST

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      •  Having moved here only 2 years ago... (none)
        Dallas, honestly, impressed me as a very cosmopolitan city.  I like it better than Houston, where I travel to quite often for work.

        Dallas could certainly host a convention of that size, and it would be most definitely in a red state (although one of the purpler parts in Dallas proper).

        Also given the "heritage" the Bushes have in Texas, it's a bit of a slap in the face, n'est-ce pas?

        I'd say New Orleans though... and tone down the big hoopla and limos, as someone suggested upthread.  Make it as down to earth as possible.

        •  I lived in Austin (none)
          for 6 months last year and stopped in Dallas on the way home. It being July 4th weekend, not much of anything was going on. I liked the part of the city around Dealy Plaza (the West End?), although of course it's very trendoid. Fair Park was nearly deserted. I drove a heck of a way to ride the DART, but didn't really see anything that made me want to get off the train (OK, I do wish I'd seen Thanks-Giving Park). I also drove hither and yon downtown, smiling as I saw the boarded-up businesses across from Neiman-Marcus.

          Basically, I found the downtown area uninviting. I love cities, but that faceless chrome monstrosity near the Reunion Tower was emblematic of Dallas to me: all chrome and glass and steel. I liked Ft. Worth much better, but for all I know, it's a nice downtown with slums in every direction.

          •  Well the single best downtown in Texas is (none)
            San Antonio.  Austin is a close second, then Ft. Worth, then Houston, then Dallas.

            I may live in Dallas, and the outlying areas (Oak Lawn, Park Cities, North Dallas, White Rock Lake) are nice, but even I can admit downtown Dallas is nothing special except for the West End (near Dealey Plaza)

            That said, we aren't THAT likely to get an F5 in August.  Generally the tornado track has moved north by then and we're entrenched in the blistering heat for weeks at a time.  Minneapolis could get an F4 in August, though - I've seen them come awfully close to there.

            •  Heat (none)
              Hey, you left out Corpus!

              I liked Houston better the second time, even though the sky opened up the second day (just in time for our westward trek on I-10) and we got caught on a flooded street. Even I would admit that downtown Austin doesn't have that much, but I enjoyed the feel of the city, Zilker Park/Barton Springs, etc. I had such a taste for TLC the other day, but that dashed fool Jeeves had neglected to gas up the Learjet.

              I left TX just before it got really hot, but those 3 days in Dallas were plenty warm.

      •  Cat 5 in Crawford? (none)
        Only if the Holy Son of Poppy were at His ranch at the time. But then He'd just smirk and say to the wind, "Peace! Be still!" and it would be so.
    •  Very bad thing (none)
      Very, very bad. I live here.

      Unfortunately, it is all too possible. Of course, it would be unlikely to happen in late August. At that time of year the greater threat would be another hurricane in NOLA. On the other hand, there were early forecasts that Rita was going to blast into the state with such strength that she could still be a 2 when she hit Dallas.

      I recommend a convention at one of the places well inland, I think.

      Practice absurdus interruptus - Support ePluribus Media.

      by Catte Nappe on Tue Feb 28, 2006 at 01:40:26 PM PST

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    •  Isn't Dallas... (none)
      awfully far inland for anyone to be talking about a #5 hurricane? I would think by the time the storm front hit Dallas it would be wayyyyyyyyyy less than a category 5 hurricane.

      But, IANAM (the M is for meteorologist)...

      -8.25, -6.26 ain't "schadenfreude" if the bastards deserve it. this is infidelica...

      by snookybeh on Tue Feb 28, 2006 at 01:44:57 PM PST

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