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View Diary: 2008 DNC convention finalists (507 comments)

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  •  New Orleans (none)
    How can they not choose New Orleans.

    First off, we could make this about social policy. How the repubs have failed. We can begin anew war on Poverty. If we go to New Orleans we can push a brand new social agenda: Poverty, healthcare, Social Security, women's rights, minority rights. We can celebrate our diversity.

    And when we are in New Orleans, everyone will remember the Bush Katrina disaster. We were fools not to go to New Tork in 04. We would be fools in 08 to not go to New Orleans.

    And on a side note. You know how much fun New Orleans would be without republicans there?  

    •  Hahahahaha (none)
      How can they not choose New Orleans.

      You have to ask? The bunch that let the worst president in U.S. history get reelected?

      It's like shootin' fish in a barrel on this site some days.

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