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  •  Doesn't matter (4.00)
    Firstly, no local officials that failed are Democrats running for office.

    But more importantly is that an efficient and effective Federal response, specifically FEMA, should never have allowed any failure of local officials to escalate into the catastrophic humanitarian disaster in Katrina's wake (and I'm not fully blaming local officials here). Even if local officials are blamed, the Bush administration MAJORLY FAILED in a big way here.

    Holding the convention in New Orleands does two things. First, it shows that the Republican strategy for the past decade has reduced government effectiveness such that it cannot adequately handle a disaster, and it's time to change that. Talking points like The Federal Government not only needs to protect Americans from terror attacks, but it must protect them in the face of natural disasters. The Bush administration has severely failed the American people in this regard.

    And the second point is that holding the convention in New Orleans will give it an economic boost that it so desperately needs right now (and probably will for the next few years).

    Not to mention other benefits. Eg, New Orleans is part of the Southeast, which is a Republican stronghold. So it's important to reach out to fence-sitters there.

    Finally, any Republicans that claim Democrats are being opportunists by holding it in New Orleans can be immediately silenced by noting that Republicans held their 2004 convention in NYC

    The ONLY thing the Republicans are successful in is marketing their talking points to the public.

    by jeffwass on Tue Feb 28, 2006 at 11:11:13 AM PST

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