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  •  New Orleans (none)
    So what if the GOP harps on the opportunism, it worked out rather well for them in NYC.  

    Like others have said, if the DNC doesn't go there the GOP will. It would be a keen pre-emptive measure to prevent the GOP from taking credit for all the wonderful things they pretend to be doing for the city's recovery.

    Who cares if the GOP points out the failings of LA Democrat politicians in the response to Katrina - the Convention is about national politics, not state and local.  Besides, Nagin is likely to be gone by then, and if Blanco is polling badly they'll just shut her out of the proceedings.  Cold, but likely.

    The big IF is the congressional midterms.  IF the Dems win back both houses, they'll have 18 months to accellerate the rebuilding process and take credit on a national stage.  IF they don't, they'll have 18 months to build an excellent case against the GOP.  Can't really go wrong either way.

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