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  •  Better (none)
    Wow.  That makes me feel better.  We can screw NOLA, just not as much as the GOP.  Then we will win and everything will be fine.  I am afraid I am not okay with that.  I would very much like to go home sometime in the near future.

    I am not talking about passing legislation.  You are right.  We don't control that right now.  But we do control what we say.  We control our actions outside of the political arena.  Why is Jimmy Carter the only freaking Democrat that comes to mind (through Habitat) when I think about the down and dirty, gets your clothes messy, charity work?

    Meet me in Cognito, baby

    by out grrl on Tue Feb 28, 2006 at 12:14:51 PM PST

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    •  I totally support (none)
      efforts of Democrats to help NOLA in ways that we can control, which right now are primarily outside of the legislative process.  I've put in around 30 hours doing pro bono legal services for Katrina survivors here in New York, as a small part of that.

      But we're not talking about that.  We're talking about whether to have the 2008 convention there.

      You seem to start from the premise -- and I'm not trying to be cute here, so correct me if you think I'm misrepresenting you -- that if Democrats go and do a great job outside of the political process, we can stand in the Superdome in 2008 and say "look at all the great things we've done for the city while the Republicans' negligence first let it suffer and then later let it fester."

      I start from the premises that:

      (1) Democrats probably aren't going to do much to solve the problems of NOLA between now and 2008, inside or outside of the political arena.  Frankly, I'm not even sure how to solve them in the long term, but I'm open to the possibility that better minds than mine can figure it out.

      (2) Even if the Democrats gave it a good-faith, strenuous, Habit for Humanity type effort, I think that the proportion of the problem it would alleviate would be relatively small.  It's a huge proposition and one that probably can only be addressed through the political arena, if at all.  So NOLA is still going to be a logistical, political, and cultural -- given the legitimate racial animosity that will be sure to fester, which most majority Americans won't really understand -- mess in 2008.

      And given those premises, I think it's a terrible idea to have the Convention there.  It's asking for a black eye.  Having the ticket spend the week before the convention there doing some good and highlighting the sorts of concerns you raise, by contrast, would be a great idea, and probably do about as much good.  (This plan has the added virtue that it can be postponed if a hurricane is bearing down on the area.)

      I'm sorry if this seems insensitive, but I am taking your concerns seriously rather than avoiding them.  I feel grief about the state of the city of New Orleans -- but also about the Detroit downtown, and many Indian reservations, and many other victims of benighted government and corporate policies.  Helping any of them is a separate question of whether to hold a critically important political convention there.

      My apologies to students who took my U.S. Government class in the 90s: evidently the Constitution doesn't limit Presidential power after all. Who knew?

      by Major Danby on Tue Feb 28, 2006 at 01:09:43 PM PST

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