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  •  Hey, I was there. (none)
    I know it was mostly New Yorkers, but that's not the point.  The over the top security, which was a huge pain in the butt for everyone, would be there for a democratic convention as well.  Remeber, we have a republican mayor and a way too gung ho, "protestors are terrorists" police force.  If, say, the greens, or workers party, or whatever, protested the fact that the democratic party wasn't enough to the left for them, what should be an innocuous expression of opinion could turn into an ugly scene, for which we would be held responsible.

    So here are the two key questions:

    what would having a convention there do for either New York or New Orleans, and

    what would having a convention there do for the democrats?

    I don't see it, either way, for either city.

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