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  •  Ya, but so what? (none)
    Haven't the last 5 years taught Democrats that they have to fight fire with fire?  Popular culture is sick of political correctness, and the #1 complaint that progressives and independents have with the DNC is that they're too damn polite and timid to take on the GOP on their own terms.

    Sure, holding the convention in NOLA would offend the sensibilities of some touchy feely liberals in San Francisco and Massachusets, but they're a minority in the country and the party.  If you want to win back the mid-American middle class you should appeal to the middle class.  Coastal urban attitudes (and candidates) aren't going to cut it anymore.

    While I'm at it, if you want to win back the same people in the Bible Belt, don't be afraid to talk about religion and make it an issue.  Jesus was, by modern standards, a bonafide liberal.  Use it, don't run from it!

    The longer Democrats keep up the "we're better than that" mentality, the longer they'll keep losing elections.  You guys really should have figured that out by now (I'm an indy).

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