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View Diary: FOX Ratings In Free Fall - O'Reilly Leads The Way Down (320 comments)

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  •  You're right it's not a fair fight (none)
    not to mention Olbermann isn't even fighting, since he's got nothing to lose (in fact, the more O'Reilly complains, the safer Olbermann's program becomes). And the "return Donahue" as opposed to "cancel Countdown" approach is more pathetic than it is sneaky.

    As far as ratings are concerned, of course trends mean more than the numbers themselves. But it's not how high are the numbers so much as are they high enough. After all, if Olbermann were to go something would have to replace him. Rest assured, it wouldn't be Donahue.

    •  You're right about the ratings (none)
      Also, the actual number of viewers -- well, to be precise, sets in use -- often don't matter as much as the demogrpahic of the audience.  For instance, the leading soap opera in the ratings for many years now is "The Young and the Restless," but it is frequently bested in the key demographic of women 18-49, who are viewed as the primary consumers of the beauty and household products advertised on these shows.  Olberman's response to O'Reilly included a reference to the median age of their reespective viewerships, with Olberman pointing out that Countdown's audience was ten years younger than the Factor's.  This wasn't ageist tweaking, it was a reference to how the industry reads the numbers.

      I can't imagine that MSNBC is anything but happy with Olberman, so in addition to being pathetic, O'Reilly's petition is based on a fallacy... but this being Bill, that's no surprise.

      Best Olberman O'Reilly joke ever:

      "Can we just drop the whining about personal attacks, Billy? I mean, without personal attacks, you would be a mime."

      Fox News - We Distort, You Imbibe.

      by richter on Wed Mar 01, 2006 at 05:17:00 PM PST

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